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Tiwa Savage Loses four Endorsement Deals Over Leaked Sex Tape

Tiwa Savage has been trending of late, over majorly the negative reasons. This started after she revealed that she was being blackmailed with a sex tape which her lover “mistakenly” uploaded on Snapchat before deleting it. However, it was already late and someone who was quick to get hold of the video now wanted to extort her.

“No part of me wants to pay the person. That is what is getting me angry. If you want to put it out, put it out. I am that crazy that I can put it out myself. You are not making any money from me. This was an intimate moment with someone I am dating. The person I am dating is not famous, he is a regular guy and his whole business is about to be out,” Tiwa Savage said.

While the public thought that this was probably a PR stunt to divert the public attention to her ‘Water and Garri’ EP, the sex tape finally surfaced online, with more than enough proof that it was Tiwa Savage in the video. 

Although the topic on Tiwa’s sex tape has minimized, the tag is still there with obvious negative effects. It was reported that Tiwa Savage has lost four endorsement deals from Cadbury, a beverage company, Pampers, a diaper company, Glo a network service and one other over her leaked sex tape.

Reacting to Tiwa’s sex tape, actress Chioma Ifemeludike is of the opinion that the ‘Somebody son’crooner owes her fans an apology.

She  said, “Even though I find this supposed ‘sex tape drama’ as a huge distraction, I haven’t seen the video and I have no care in the world what an adult does with her personal life but my people, bad thing na bad thing, especially if it’s coming from a person young people look up to.

You may want to defend this disgusting trend by saying ‘she didn’t release it bla bla bla’ but in a normal society, I’d expect the person in question to expose whoever is behind this act, for accountability and persecution.

She needs to publicly admit her carelessness and apologise to her fans. We can’t keep saluting immoral behaviours while our young daughters watch.

She’s been also accused of intentionally allowing this video to flood the internet space at the same time her latest music video is launched.

These are all speculations. I don’t believe them but Tiwatope Savage Balogun must clear the air for posterity and our growing daughters! Sex is a sacred gift given to humans to enjoy in matrimony by God.

Because It’s Tiwa savage everyone is hailing evil , if it’s Chioma Grace Ifemeludike or one regular female in Nigeria, everyone will scream she is chasing clout or she is desperate.

This hypocrisy is the reason so many ‘polithieftians’ get away with crimes against humanity. So many men of God are not held accountable, so many celebrities don’t have sense! Hypocrisy is worse than corruption”.

Meanwhile, reality TV star, Angel took to her Twitter page to call out critics of Tiwa Savage. 

Angel said, “The problem will never be the fact that someone made a sex tape or that someone took a picture naked, the problem will always lie with the person that decided to leak it. Stop victim blaming.And leaking someone’s nudes is a criminal offense. I hope one of you becomes a scapegoat.”

On the other hand, OAP Daady Freeze adviced Savage to own her sex clips because she didn’t commit any crime but merely had intercourse.

Daddy Freeze said: “Aunty, own it like you’ve owned it up till now. Continue owning it. Na gbensh you gbensh, you noh kill pesin. When you are alone with your God, find time to ask for forgiveness.

It’s not immorality to do what you did. It’s not immoral to record it. But it is immoral for everybody to be watching it. Because you don’t know who you will influence negatively with this kind of thing.

When you are on your own with your God, ask for forgiveness. But remember nobody holy pass because your own leak. E get some people’s own, if e leak, all of us go leave this Nigeria for only the people wey get the tape.

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