Tiwa Savage Reacts to her Leaked Sex Tape Scandal

Social media has been buzzing, after Tiwa Savage sex tape with her lover surfaced on the internet.

It will be recalled that Tiwa in an interview with New York’s Power 105.1 FM revealed that alleged sex tape with her current lover is in the possession of a blackmailer. She also revealed that her lover mistakenly uploaded the video on Snapchat and when he realized his mistake he deleted it.

Unfortunately, the video made its way to the internet, stirring up reactions among Netizens who dissected and analyzed her confession in relation to the leaked video. After much analysis, most Netizens concluded that it was all Tiwa’s lover’s plan from the beginning because the said video features just Tiwa’s privates.

Tiwa Savage’s Sex Video Finally Exposed

Reacting to the viral explicit video, Tiwa came at the blogger, Gistlovers who allegedly shared it on their page. She slammed her critics who hate that she didn’t let the sex video destroy her. On her Instagram stories, she wrote:

“You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of the story before it consumed me and how I’m able to joke on stage about something you thought should destroy me and make me feel ashamed. You must knock my head when you see me otherwise… Gistloversblog with my full chest.”

Meanwhile, celebrity doctor, Aproko Doctor has aired his view on the current controversy. The doctor in his opinion said;

“Let’s not be fools: That sextape leaking was NO mistake. And no, I’m NOT saying Tiwa (or the woman) leaked it herself. Conveniently, the man’s face is not showing. But the woman’s face shows.

That man who recorded it knew exactly what he was doing and exactly why he leaked it. I really hope Tiwa doesn’t honestly believe this leak was a “mistake”. Because it wasn’t. Anyone who knows how Snapchat works will find it extremely hard to believe this “mistake” narrative.

You don’t “mistakenly” upload things on Snapchat- except you recorded it there first. And if you recorded the live sex on Snapchat- what exactly is your motivation and drive for that?

What’s the motivation actually? If not to possibly leak it “mistakenly” on your Snap maybe as a form of bragging rights to your friends/followers that you are bedding a celebrity.

I find it hilarious seeing that it is mostly women who should know better and who should learn from this situation are the ones that are desperately telling themselves naively that this is a “mistake”. Anyway, every mallam to his kettle.

It’s not my job to convince you otherwise. But to everyone, pls kindly be careful in this kind of situation. I know some of you call it “love”but love doesn’t have to be reckless or foolish.

Be careful who you trust. Don’t be quick to assume that your little love adventure won’t become late-night Monday gist someday”.

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