To be President of Nigeria is Dangerous – Ohuabunwa

A  presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Sam Ohuabunwa, has said it is dangerous to be Nigeria’s President.

Ohuabunwa stated this in Awka, on Saturday, in a bid to woo party delegates ahead of the primary election.

He noted that the country needs a courageous leader who can match the dangers in the system.

According to him, “To be president of Nigeria is dangerous. It is beyond the physical but spiritual. The president of Nigeria should be prepared to step on toes and, if possible, take the bullet in salvaging the nation, and I am offering myself to do that.

“When you look at the situation in the country today, you can agree with me that everything is wrong with Nigeria, and there are many people who do not want change, and they will do everything to resist it, and they can go to any length, and that is why it is dangerous to be president of Nigeria.

“But I present myself to take the courage, and if possible, the bullet to return Nigeria to its past glory, and I wish to assure you that if elected, the narrative will change.”

The presidential hopeful, however, lamented the attitude of leaders who do not understand the level of Nigeria’s problems by obtaining a nomination form as a minister while university lecturers are on strike.

“I wonder the type of president that we shall have when people who want to be president of Nigeria do not appreciate the level of problems in the country.

“A Minister for Education and Minister of Labour went and collected form for president when ASUU is on strike, and people are clapping,” he said.

Ohuabunwa added that the agitation for a president from the Igbo extraction could not be wished away, pointing out that Nigerians are holding the Igbo down and holding herself down.

“They do not want us to be president because they know that we shall ensure fairness, equity and justice and that we will change Nigeria.

“But as our people say, anyone holding a strong man on the ground is holding himself and by extension holding Nigeria from progressing,” Ohuabunwa added.

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