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Tonto Dikeh Under Fire For Letting Her Son Spank Her Ass

Indeed, there is a limit to a child’s play… This statement has been justified by netizens who criticized Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh after she was caught on camera condoning her son to spank her ass.

In a video circulating the internet, Tonto Dikeh’s 6-year-old son was smacking her butt while they were walking together. Tonto Dikeh was heard asking her son, King Andre not to burst her N5 million worth of buttocks.

She shared the video with the caption “King wan burst out 5 million naira bum bum”.

The video post has so far generated a lot of reactions from social media users who condemned Tonto Dikeh for allowing her son smack her buttocks the way he did.

emmysolomon3: “Train up a child in a way he or she should grow and never become a disappointed to their parents. what is bad is bad, there must be a limit to every play with his or her mum ok”

scentsbylhar: “But is that right your son smacking your bum? What if he goes out and does that to someone else”.

fablabe_1: “I love T and how she trains her son..
But hitting your ma’s bum without getting cautioned isn’t cool….he will do it to someone else and thinks it’s normal…the BOY CHILD needs to be taught better from early years….”

emagination_events: “Na so he go dey slap girls yansh for school”.

naa_renee : “I’m scared he might do this with other girl child’s in school it’s a no no”.

modupeluwa1 : “What kind of play is this Shey naso then they train pikin now”.

kadosh30 : “Worrying sight. He will now grow up thinking this is right, he will do it to his teacher at school and maybe other ladies not knowing it’s disrespectful”.

Olisaosega wrote: ”That video where Tonto Dikeh’s little son was spanking her ass is very disturbing. I’m shocked that some of you are even trying to justify such act. It’s obvious the raising of that little child is somehow faulty”.

Theoabu wrote: “this boy needs a father figure in his life ASAP. Tonto is doing a terrible job.

Man of letters wrote:”Many single moms are like Tonto Dike. They spend half their adult & mid-lives complaining about ill mannered, irresponsible & badly behaved men, they want to overcompensate for the lack of father figure in their children’s life and they end up raising the same men they loathed.

Cross wrote: “Lmao! People are actually defending tapping their mum’s ass? Its either you didn’t grow up with a father figure in your life, or you just daftly want to sound woke from your bedbug infested beds at Alapere. Idiots.”

Iam_doctormayor wrote: “Them no born us well male or female to be tapping our mum’s bum bum but Tonto dike son’s have the gut to be tapping her mum’s bum bum and her mum was cool with it and some said it’s normal thing while some said its not normal. If the son grown up and tap your bum in public there”.

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