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Tonto Dikeh volunteers to donate N500,000 to take down 10-year-old Chrisland’s student’s video from the internet

A 10-year-old student of Chrisland school was alleged to have been s3xually molested and recorded by her school boys while they were on an excursion in Dubai. 

These allegations were leveled by music executive, Ubi Franklin, who mentioned that the parents of the 10-year-old student of Chrisland School, VGC, Lagos, only found out after the video was shared on Instagram.

“Just got off the phone with a friend of mine His 10-year-old daughter was selected to represent her school at the World School Games in Dubai. His daughter was r**ped by fellow students, video tapped and posted on Instagram, and the school concealed it for a month,” he tweeted

He continued, “This school took the girl from her parents, that they wanted to conduct a COVID test and the school rather took the girl for a pregnancy test. As we speak the girl has been suspended from the school. Some things don’t make sense at all”.

Ubi’s allegations forced people to look into the matter. The public offered several opinions until the school finally released the explicit video of the 10-year-old student.

Reacting to the viral explicit video of the minor, Tonto Dikeh has volunteered to make the video disappear from the internet and blocked it from further upload.

Tonto has pledged to donate N500,000 and urged other celebrities and fans to jointly contribute to achieving this.

She wrote: “I have been in touch with someone who can get this video off the net for good! The price is outrageous. @ubifranklinofficial. I will donate 500 thousand naira only and we can push this to concerned fans and children advocator to contribute or the parents can work it up. Which ever way, the first step is trying to heal these kids. And work on how to punish the school for it’s involvement in the cover up and neglect.”

Tonto Dikeh added, “If we want to help, we can start from here!! @officalthetontodikehfoundation. Chrisland school can also Pay it off, that’s the least they can do NOW. Yes it may be on people’s phone but YOU CANT GOGGLE IT and MAY NOT BE ABLE TO UPLOAD EVER AGAIN Without alerting the authorities once posted Again.”

This is coming after Tonto Dikeh watched the viral video and without mincing words, stated that the minor who was initially purported to have been raped was actually the villain in the script.

Tonto Dikeh said;

“Okay so I just watched the Chrisland Video, all I can say is

– That is not rape

– That 10 years old girl knows SEX

– In my opinion, it’s not her 1st nor 5th time.

She has a much older groomer somewhere. The family needs to ask the right questions and protect the girl more.

Please stop sharing the video.

The school is GUILTY of concealing the truth about such a HORRIBLE Crime! Our leaders need to do better.”

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