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Toyin Abraham responds to Movie Criticisms

Toyin Abraham’s ‘The Prophetess’ was recently criticized by a popular movie critic, ‘Cinema Pointer’,
who described the movie as ‘trash’ and ‘noisy’. In reaction, Toyin responded to the critic;

“I can bet my life that you’re someone in the industry that does not like me cause I’m doing great and you cannot stop me. Any movie I act in or produce, you always trash it. I’m sure you thought I produced prophetess but no I didn’t produce, I only acted in it. I have my audience and market, I keep feeding them.”

“My darling, making 130 million during the pandemic and end sars is not a joke and being number one on
Netflix for weeks is not a fluke. Prophetess is about Nigeria, for Nigerians and made by Nigerians, (Mr
Niyi Akinmolayan)and you say bad things about it. Cinemapointer, whoever you are and whoever paid
you, I leave you to your conscience.
And lastly, as I said, I am a brand and I know my market and I willing never stop feeding my market.
Peace and love.”

NB: we won’t bribe you the way others are bribing you, so keep saying trash, but let God judge you. If
you want me to really believe your reviews, my darling show your face.”

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