Toyin Lawani shows off baby bump barely one week after Marriage

Toyin Lawani, who got married to Segun Wealth, less than a week ago has taken to Instagram to show off baby bumps which were invisible through her marriage ceremony.

As shocking as the news is, Toyin has an excuse to back up her claims. The celebrity stylist shared a nude photo of her baby bump, covered up in colored body art.

According to the celebrity stylist, the pictures were taken since 1st March for her birthday, but she didn’t disclose it because she wasn’t ready to share her happiness to the world. She said her husband, being a creative, edited the bump to perfection in order to hide it.

She said that she is in charge of her life and what she reveals to the public is her choice because if it weren’t for her wedding to Segun, she won’t be making this revelation.

Toyin wrote, “Shout out to my amazing creative genius husband. Both pictures were taken 1st of March for my birthday. But he edited the bump to perfection to hide it, cause I wasn’t ready to share my happiness with the world. If not for the wedding I still wouldn’t have shared it.

We let you in on what we want you to see, if you like insinuate all you want, carry gist all you want, if I didn’t post it, I didn’t confirm it, she continued

We kept this image for months till date. When I was ready to post, he retouched it with another format and made it heavenly. I control my private life, you should do too, social media is a marketplace for me. If it’s not about my money, I’m not interested.”

The celebrity stylist went on to recall how long it took her to birth a child with her previous partners and how she almost paid a surrogate to help birth her child. She also shared experiences of her previous pregnancies and how she almost felt all hope was lost but at the end of the day, what God cannot do does not exist.

This will be Toyin’s third child from a different partner, but her newly wed husband, Segun Wealth.

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