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Travis Barker’s Ex-wife Shanna Moakler claims Travis had an affair with Kim, now he’s in love with her sister Kourtney

Shanna Moakler has pinned the reason for the split with Travis to his alleged affair with Kim Kardashian. She also claims that after the divorce, Travis moved on to date Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian. 

Shanna, who is now dating model and actor Matthew Rondeau on and off in recent months, shared a message which appeared to be in response to Travis’ daughter Alabama who took to her Instagram Story to blast her mother for “never completely” being in her life adding that she was not an “amazing mom”.

In the screenshot she shared, Shanna’s lengthy response included the part, “I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim! Now he’s in love with her sister…It’s all gross…I’m not the bad guy!”

The message read in full: “Matthew has been my rock he truly has changed and has been amazing… When we went life trip the other night we were joking but lots of inside jokes I don’t think translated.

I left Travis because he was emotionally abusive, I left the money snd mansions for a reason… family is all that matters but I can’t compete with kids whose father doesn’t encourage relationships with their own mother and purposely tries to alienate them away. 

Travis controls Bamas [their daughter] social media… however I get blamed for her sexualition! How does a father allow her to act like that and do lives at 4am? With Men twice her age…I’ve been legally bullied out… I’m fed up and I’m Exhausted.. Social media and the media isn’t real… I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim! Now he’s in love with her sister.. It’s all gross… I’m not the bad guy!”

Reports have it that Since Travis and Kourtney Kardashian began dating, Shanna has been less than supportive of their relationship and even called their PDA weird. Although, a source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told Page Six that the claim was false.

“Travis and Kim have never had a romantic relationship. They were friends who met through Paris Hilton and that is also how Kourtney and Travis were introduced”, the source said. 

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