TUC Laments on Proposed Petroleum Price Increase

The Federal Government has been warned against a further increase in the country’s price of petroleum products.
The Organized Labour gave the stern warning yesterday. The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria TUC has said it is shocked over plans of the increasing pump price of petrol by the Federal Government, following the current increase in crude oil price in the international market.

The President of the union, Quadri Olaleye, said “The TUC, and organised labour is trying seriously to avert a major industrial crisis. We have tightened our belt so hard to the extent that we are finding it difficult to breathe, but the government seems not to care.”

He lamented that the government was always quick to tell Nigerians about the rise in the price of crude in the international market and the need to increase the cost of petrol. Still, it takes time to enforce an agreement reached with organized labor. He, however, said, “It all points to one thing: they have no mercy for the poor people of this country.”

“It appears they are not disturbed by the poverty-hidden plight of Nigerians and the unemployment/insecurity situation that their obnoxious policies have created in the country,” he said.
Olaleye, who criticized the minister for the proposed increase of products price, noted that Nigeria was among the six oil-producing countries globally and had the best oil, but yet that is being neglected.

“Reports have it that our oil is one of the best, giving us an edge over others. Unfortunately, we have not taken advantage of that.
“We have four refineries that are not functional. Why are they not functional, and why is government closing its eyes to it? Their refusal to attend to them is the reason why the country is subjected to the vagaries and volatility of the price of crude in the international market.”

The labor leader noted further that Nigeria, which should be in charge of its production, was now depending on Dangote and Niger Republic refineries to supply her fuel, noting that Dangote is an individual. At the same time, the Niger Republic is far less than Lagos in population.

“The pain the masses of the country bear is a needless one. It is artificially created. Government’s knee is on our neck, and we are appealing to them to have a change of heart,” he said.

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