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Tuface Allegedly got married to his baby mama, Pero Adeniyi

The Idibia family Saga has gotten a lot of people involved to the extent an old video in which Pero Adeniyi’s father, Prince Jide revealing that she is married to Tuface, has resurfaced online.

Annie Idibia had earlier called out Tuface, alleging that he was still entangled with his babymama, Pero Adeniyi, amongst many other allegations. A claim which got her heavily criticized by Tuface brother, Charles Idibia and celebrities like Zubby Michael and Junior Pope, who opined that she shouldn’t have brought her marital issues on social media, instead she should take it to her parents or counselor.

However, an old video resurfaced on social media amid the clash between Annie Idibia and her husband, 2baba. In the video, Pero Adeniyi’s father was heard speaking on his daughter’s relationship with the singer. 

In a 2019 interview with Asabe Afrika TV, Jide said stated that while Tuface said he had intentions of marrying his daughter, his daughter, Pero, on the other hand, admitted that she loves him. He also revealed that Tuface “married another woman”, after marrying his daughter. He also explained that the couple eventually had three children together.

Prince Jide who also commented on his relationship with the veteran singer, said he last spoke to him 2 years before the interview.

Here’s how Netizens are reacting to this revelation:

Ada_dcrown: “So him marry? This wahala no fit finish, Ani just has to bare it like that, if she cannot let her go.”

 Aribdann: “Asabe don release bomb o.I can address pero as 2face first wife now instead of baby mama’s. Friday clearity!” 

Bizzyroyal: “OMG! What did I just hear? Tuface married to Pero ! Women go through a whole lot in this thing called marriage !…. And Annie has literally been covering Up just to keep Her Home , guess she couldn’t take it any more Hence the reason for Her outburst on social media !…unfortunately calling Out on social media is a very wrong move cos social media Never fixes any problem instead they add to the existing one!… I feel sorry for both Tuface and Annie sha.” 

Accessoriesbyds__ng: “So Annie married tuface knowing fully well he’s still married to pero.” 

Bants_of_marriage: “Why didn’t tuface dissolve his marriage with pero before marrying annie? That’s not something to just casually overlook!! Because if they are still married, he has the right to sleep under the same roof with her.”

Meanwhile, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, the former Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has said that singer, Tuface is not cheating on Annie Idibia but living a polygamous lifestyle.  

“Tuface is a weak man. He obviously loves Pero. But he’s disrespecting Annie to make that one see the writing on the wall. That one, typical Naija woman is thinking of how she’s stuck with him through thick and thin and claiming rights. Both of them need to have the boldness to live their truth,” she wrote. 

“What Tuface is doing isn’t cheating. He’s living a polygamous life. He needs to man up and make it official or grow enough balls to divorce Annie if he wants only one legal wife because she won’t leave. She’s become the poster child for accepting everything thrown at her in the name of love…. no self respect whatsoever- until recently that she’s spoken out.” she added.

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