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Tussle ensues between Shyngle, Timini and Dorcas over their ‘Bestie’ Relationship

Princess Shyngle, has decided to shoulder Timini Egbuson and Ms DSF ‘Bestie’matter. Shyngle, in clear terms, stated that unless a man is a hundred percent gay, there is nothing like being just besties with a female especially in Africa.

In a post she made on her Instagram, directed towards Timini and Dorcas friendship, she opined that for the opposite sex to stay besties, one is either sleeping with or crushing on the other.

Giving herself as an example, she said that the first man she ever got married to was her bestie for ten years and all through that period, they had sex with each other despite the fact that he had a girl and she had a man.

She said following her experiences, there is no way she would let her man keep a female all in the name of maintaining a bestie relationship because at the end there’s always a form of attachment.

In reaction to Shyngle’s post, ‘the Besties’, Timini and Dorcas came after her. They both used cussed words at Shyngle.

┬áIn response to Shyngle’s post where she condemned the opposite sex friendship, Dorcas commented, “If you are a harlot, just say that”. Timini on the other hand, shared a screenshot of the whole charade with the caption, “Hoe”, like the popular saying goes, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’.

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