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Twitter introduces emoji for Davido’s slang ‘e choke’

Award-winning singer, Davido has proven to be a major influence and trendsetter, aside from dropping steady hits and bangers.

Months ago, the O. B. O boss started a slang ‘e choke’, which his fans use when they want to show surprise, shock, wonder, or even sarcasm. Twitter recently endorsed the trend by accompanying tweets with a live emoji which literally translates to the slang.

David acknowledged and expressed his excitement about this development. He posted a tweet confirming that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has caught the ‘e choke’ bug and duly honored the slang by creating an emoji for the catchphrase on the social app.

“Even @jack know to say #echoke”, he tweeted. 

Now, fans and followers of Davido will get an emoji of the singer holding onto his neck anytime they use the slang with a hashtag on the platform.

As expected, fans of the singer have taken over Twitter in celebration while using the emoji. As of the time of the report, the slang is trending in the second spot on the bird app with over 20k tweets.

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