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Two Lady Storm OPM Church Service In Search Of Actor Aguba For Marriage

Two ladies who expressed interest in marrying the once-homeless actor Kenneth Jideofor aka Kenneth Aguba appeared at the Omega Power Ministry in Port Harcourt with one wearing his face on a T-shirt.

One of the ladies, identified as Annastasia Michael has been sharing posts of the actor on her Facebook page, declaring her intention to marry him. She wore a customized shirt with a picture of the actor as she paid a visit to OPM church to look for him.

However, her search seemed futile as she stated on Facebook that she had not been able to locate Aguba, but it doesn’t seem like she’s giving up on her quest, in a post made by her on her Facebook page, she said that she’ll visit the OPM estate to continue her search for him.

She said, “I have searched for my husband Aguba in OPM ground, but couldn’t find him there, OPM church is to too big. I will go to #OPM FREE ESTATE tomorrow morning to see him there.

“They are hiding Aguba from me. I must see my Joy Giver Aguba.”

The other lady identified as Ella Ada also declared her love interest for the actor after he was promised a wife. Just like Annastasia, Ella has also made numerous posts about the actor on her Facebook page. She recently claimed that her great grandfather is from Israel after the actor made known his interest in marrying an Israeli lady.

Just like Anastasia, she wore a customized shirt with a picture of Kenneth Aguba as she traveled down to Port Harcourt to search for the actor. However, she also revealed that her search was unsuccessful and would continue her search at the estate.

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