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“Two years after attempted Assassination, Pellets are still coming out of my head”- Angela Okorie

Actress Angela Okorie, who survived an alleged attempted assassination two years ago has uploaded a medical scan showing remnants of pellets in her head.

Back in 2019, Angela was on her way back from a show on December 12. The news came to the attention of the public when a journalist, Stella Dimoko-Korkus, posted a photo of her bloodied face and a video of her damaged car. A few days later, the actress narrated how she was blocked by alleged assassins who kept shooting at her car. Luckily for her, she survived by the Grace of God after having 10 bullets removed from her head.

She narrated, “Undiluted grace will never stop to exist in my home, 10 bullets were removed from my head and 2 bullets close to my eyes, God alone deserves all the glory and honor. You are God all by yourself, I am a child of Grace. Thank you, lord. Nothing in this world will ever make me ungrateful for all you’ve done in my life and family, The assassins kept on shooting for 30 minutes, No help from anywhere, No human came for our rescue Only God came for our Rescue #epaindem #protectmelord”.

It is still not clear, who would want to take the actress’s life and the reason behind it. In a recent post, the actress revealed that after she underwent an x-ray scan on her head, they still found pellets from the incident of 2019. She shared a video of the scan to back up her claims.

Angela cussed those who came after her life. She accused bloggers of plotting with the said assassins to write her off on social media so people won’t believe that there are evil people in the industry. She said their attempt on her life is as a result of envy but God is greater than their plans because at the end of the day, they’d all reap what they have sown.

Angela wrote, “God exchanged his life for mine can you imagine? After 2years plus I was shot some pellets still come out. All dem bloggers that plotted with them to write me off on social media so people won’t believe that there are evil people in the industry cos out of envy they did this. I have put too much in my career and God knows it’s time for me to reap what I have worked for, all of una go soon drink poison for my sake. See I will never forgive you all that were paid to do that, dem say rewrite the story make e be like say she and person dey quarrel just to accomplish their evil plans. They were waiting to write RIP the next day, God showed them he is not a man. If you envy life it must bring you down. See you can never rewrite what God wrote over my life one by one e must reach all of una. 

Lucifer is a human being that why I had to avoid every unfriendly friend patronising evil people. But las las dem go use their head carry everything they planned Amen. Beware of demons in sheep clothing.

I am grace verified, I am that God’s special child. The anointed one with proof that God is b4 you no one can be against you”.

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