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Ubi Franklin Addresses Critics Calling Him Davido And Chioma’s Nanny

CEO of Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin decided to address his new ‘nanny role and duties’ in singer Davido and Chioma’s life.

Recall Davido sent his private jet to convey his baby mama,  Chioma and Ifeanyi to his London O2 Arena concert. 

In the photos and video shared online, Ubi Franklin was seen all over Davido’s son, from carrying him while in the plane, playing games with him to Harrods alongside Davido for shopping and during the concert.

This generated reactions from netizens who mocked him for playing the role of a nanny to Davido’s son when Chioma had family members who could help her. This coming after Davido commented ‘Nanny’ on one of his pictures with Chioma and Ifeanyi.

He also set tongues wagging as the speculated an ongoing relationship between Chioma and Ubi.

In response to their prolonged criticism, Ubi in a live Instagram video said that whatever they’re saying about him caring for Davido’s son isn’t his business.

He insisted that he loves kids and seeing his friendship with the music star, Davido and his baby mama, Chioma, he enjoys their company and that’s why he most times helps to carry their son, Ifeanyi.

He  also mentioned that Chioma is like a sister to him, and if at any point in time, she asks him to help her carry her son, he’s going to do it.

Ubi said, “So, I saw a comment on one of my posts when I came into London on Thursday. People were saying, ‘oh Ubi you’re Nanny now or this’.

Listen, I love kids. I cannot see Chioma… like Chioma is my sister… for those of you who know how much I carry her.

“If Chioma says, ‘Ubi please help me carry my baby throughout this week’, I will do it. You know why, Chioma is like a sister. And kids… who talk bad about kids?

“I love carrying kids, I love it. Do you understand? And the people around me, Davido, Chioma, they know where they place me and that’s so important to me.

“So, whatever you’re saying is your business”.

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