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Ubi Franklin Fires Back at Timaya, Says Timaya Begged and Was Saved from Him

Ubi Franklin has fired back at Timaya, saying it was he who had the upper hand during their fight in January 2021.

It all started after Ubi offered his two cents, advising the singer on his statements and apology regarding the hit and run incident earlier in March. Ubi said Timaya should have first apologized and reached out to the victim’s family rather than speaking about it on Instagram live. 

Then Timaya woke up today and tweeted a reminder/warning to Ubi Franklin regarding the beating Ubi received from him in January of last year. He also mocked him for serving as a nanny to Davido’s son, Ifeanyi.

“Ubi Franklin u remember the beating I gave u in January last year? Don’t let me beat u again and pls I like your new JOB. As Ifeanyi’s NANI and pls don’t mess it up. Davido is a good guy he can make ur life. Pls focus on ur new JOB. Thanks,” he tweeted.

In a quick response, Ubi fired back at Timaya, accusing the singer of forgetting what had truly occurred during the said incident.

“See Timaya wen senior men help comot for hand dey talk say em beat me. You don forget wetin happen that day? Or you don high?” he shared on his Instagram page.

“I know because y’all see timaya act gangster you feel say him fit beat me. No Wahala, I go find that CCTV footage From my oga house see how he knelt down to beg.”

“He called me the next day to apologize cos he was high and attacked me unprovoked, self defense came to play,” he continued.

“Timaya is so petty. You are angry cos I told how wrong it was to knock a woman down and leave her to her fate,” he wrote.

“You come to talk trash here today? I am not a person that will see wrong and keep quiet. You were wrong to have knocked that woman down and left her there. Period.”

While it is unclear the cause of the rift between Ubi Franklin and Timaya and when the said beating occurred, it is clear that the feud has been ongoing.

Meanwhile, a couple of Netizens have had different things to say regarding the incident;

Mcqueen_noneya: “How did Ubi go from being a Respected Music Executive to this exactly.” 

Nnenna_aldo: “Timaya sounds toxic and abusive. Why not apologize for what you did? Low budget John cena.” 

Kennedyexcel: “Timaya be like cultist dey talk you dey talk abi you wan collect, Ubi run oo timaya na gangster.” 

Ceemplybecca: “Ubi just doesn’t know how to choose his battles!” 

Benneth.alex: “We’ve had enough of heartbreaking moments these past days.. Make this Two grown Cows no add at am abg.” 

Miz_essa: “Just imagine people fathers shame.”

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