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Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa returns to her husband’s house 24-hours after the messy online fight.

Sandra Iheuwa and her husband, Steve Thompson are back together barely 24-hours after their messy online fight.

Sandra Iheuwa, one of the baby mamas of music executive, Ubi Franklin, and Steve Thompson, businessman, and owner of popular hair brand, Royal Hairs made the headlines with the news of their separation just after their four-month-old wedding.

Sandra accused Steve of Infidelity while Steve on the other hand claimed she is addicted to social media and cares less about her matrimonial home which she most times leave in a filthy state.

Sandra went as far as reverting to her maiden name and removed “married to a boss” from her bio, while Steve removed “husband and father” from his bio.

Narrating his ordeal, Thompson wrote;

“Truth is, I will not let anyone tarnish my good image. I married a wrong woman that knows how to fight. She is fighting everyone. She even lied I gave her STD. I have been on my own for four years and only four months of wahala wants to kill me”.

However, barely 24 hours after Steve Thompson announced the end of their marriage, Kemi Filani News reported that a source close to the couple revealed that the couple are back together and Sandra was forced to go back to her husband’s house by her family members.

Kemi Filani reported;

“She was forced by family members to go back to her husband’s house. Both families sat down together and thrashed things out. Sandra had no choice than to go back. She had to obey her people”.

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