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Uche Ogbodo Reveals Plans to Marry Her Young Lover Despite the Age Difference

Actress Uche Ogbodo, who recently welcomed a baby girl with her young lover, Bobby Marris, has revealed their marriage plans, despite the huge age difference between the two.

In an exclusive interview with Legit.ng, Uche talked about the present and future plans for her relationship. The actress described herself and Bobby as a couple, noting that Bobby is a good man, and they are both happy so there are chances that they are going to make things official soon.

“We are a couple. Of course, there are chances of me and Bobby getting married soon. We have our little family, we are still together, we are happy. He is a great guy and everything is working well. If it becomes not so stressful for me and not so tough, of course, I will consider it. Marriage is a good thing. Everybody should be married, everybody deserves love, everybody deserves to have a partner who supports them and everyone deserves to be happy. So, yes, I will consider it,” she said.

She however explained that she is not scared of marriages but has only been one to criticise bad marriages and never the good ones. 

“So, I use my platform, coming from my childhood, to teach people certain things that are right and wrong because our culture, tradition and society at large, have painted this picture about marriages that I don’t believe in. So, I’ve created a niche for myself on what I believe marriage should be. It’s not rosy all the time but it shouldn’t be pain and tears all the time either. So, I have not closed the chapter of marriage in my life but it’s not like I’m desperate for it”, the actress continued.

Uche was asked about walking down the pregnancy path again, years after welcoming her first child. She explained that she never planned to get pregnant but there was something about the pregnancy and she felt God was involved in the entire process. She also narrated how she was threatened for flaunting her baby bump online and how people felt she was encouraging young ladies to have babies out of wedlock but all the same, she remains grateful to God.

In her words;

“I felt like the hand of God was in it and I was excited and happy all through my pregnancy. It could show from all the excitement and everything. It was a beautiful experience and I’m so happy that God remembered me. It’s not easy. So many women want it but I guess it’s not their time but it was my time. So, I was so glad.

So, they threatened me online and as such towards the end, I began to ask if I’d survive it for real and what if these evil people are planning something against me. However, I have strong faith in Christ and I don’t think that I’m powerless. I think that I’m powerful and I have strong backing from God. So, it didn’t deter my faith and death does not scare me. If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t happen. Well, here I am because it didn’t happen. So, I am grateful to the Almighty God for seeing me through it…”

News link: https://www.legit.ng/1425068-uche-ogbodo-reveals-plans-marry-teenage-lover-bobby-maris-huge-age-difference.html

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