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Ultimate Love Birds: Nigerians Reacts, After Kachi Discloses That Rosie Got Rid Of Their Baby To Face My Career.

Nigerians reacts to former ultimate love reality star Kachi, revealing the Rosie aborted their baby, just to push her career.

Well, since the grand finale of ultimate love reality tv show, which many compared with big brother reality tv show, the love birds from the show have all indeed gone through rough phases, starting with sharky relationships, cheats, lies, and lots more.

Well at least, kachi and rosie were the most talked about, not because they won the show, despite it being the first season, but because they stood by each other through thick and thin, despite the backlash saying rosie was older, kachi took it all as he loved her from his heart, at least we coud say they both loved each other, else they wouldn’t have gone the extra mile tying the knot as husband and wife.

Even with rosie having a son, kachi saw nothing wrong with that as he had made up his mind to be with her for the rest of his life. Which wasn’t a bad idea as he made rosie’s son his ring bearer.

You’ll recall that, kachi proposed to rosie at the grand finale of the reality show, while they just announced them winner of the show, which rosie said yes to.

Just few months after the ultimate love show, just when we thought there will be no more drama from the housemates, kachi made a shocking revelation yesterday November 14 2020, in an interview which has gotten everyone talking upon till today.

Well, looks like the photo shoot about their alleged marriage was all a stunt, as they both never got married, well at least from the kachi’s interview, he revealed a lot, which most of us are still surprised about.

According to kachi, confirming the romors that has been going round about himself and rosie no longer together, he said that,

“he was super excited when rosie told him she was pregnant, but then that she wasn’t ready to keep the baby as she doenst want her parents to know that she was pregnant, cause her first two babies were out of wedlock and now the third one.”

“He also went on to say that, before the parents issue came Rosie had told him that she wanted to focus on her career first before going into marriage.”

“And now, he’s getting to find out that Rosie got rid of their baby without his consent saying she wants to face her career, and that got him wondering” he said.

See interview below:

Here are few reactions few reactions from most Nigerians who has been following their relationship life:

Well, what are your thoughts on this, do you think it was wise of Rosie to get rid of Kachi’s baby be it with or without his consent?

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