Umahi Charges Ebonyi Youth to Aim Success

Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, has called on youths in the state to focus on being successful before thinking about politics.
The governor stated this in Abakaliki during the Ebonyi State #EndSARS Summit hosted by the state government.
According to Umahi, “Remove your minds from politics and succeed first. Those who are manipulating politics are wealthy men and women.

“That man that made every one of us be a Councillor, go and find out his situation. Has he made any progress? The answer is no.
“I hear government should provide jobs. Let us even say jobs are provided, N30, 000 minimum wages. In one year, it is N360, 000. What are you doing with that?”
The governor noted that he is being pressured by people from his village, who wants to be employed, following his predecessor’s employment pattern.

He said his decision not to follow Ebonyi State’s ex-governors path was not to weaken the future leaders.
Governor Umahi recalled that while serving as the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, the party’s executive members were business people.
He noted, “You can only give what you have. Some of you run after the politicians; some of them never went to school. Some of them have nothing to offer; they brainwash you.
“You become their thugs, their families are overseas. It is our own, what are you doing at a party? A party you know in Ebonyi State is me,” he added.

Governor Umahi further charged youths in the state to remain steadfast in the pursuit of their dreams. He added that the event, which has brought together youths from the 13 local government areas, will serve as an avenue to imbibe correct values to make the youth better citizens.

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