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Update; Hit And Run Driver Involved In Nicki Minaj’s Father’s Death Has Been Arrested.

The hit-and-run driver who is being accused of taking the father of American rapper Nicki Minaj to his early grave in long island has been arrested.

According to court papers on Wednesday morning, it was revealed that the driver “Charles Polevich” had hit 64 years old Robert Maraj. He allegedly got out of his car and asked if he was ok before speeding off. The papers also revealed that he was taken into custody.

The police report states that; “the 70 years old Charles Polevich, turned himself in Wednesday morning for the disturbing collision with Robert Maraj, who he allegedly left to die instead of calling 911 or an ambulance.”

“The defendant then exited his vehicle, stood over the victim, asked him if ‘he was ok’, walked and returned to his vehicle and fled the scene,” a criminal complaint reads.
Nassau County Police Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick, the commanding officer of the homicide squad, described the incident in greater detail during a press conference Wednesday.

Charles Polevich turned himself in Wednesday morning for the disturbing collision with Robert Maraj, police said.
Dennis A. Clark

“He got out of the car and he looked at the deceased and got into the car and made the conscious decision to leave,” Fitzpatrick said. “Instead of dialing 911 or calling an ambulance, he went home and secreted his vehicle.”
There was a significant amount of snow at the time, and Maraj, who lived nearby, had been walking in the roadway.

After he was hit, the “Super Bass” singer’s father was rushed to a local hospital and listed in critical condition — then succumbed to his injuries at some point over the weekend.”

“We were able to track that vehicle prior to the accident as well as after the accident and tracked it right to his house,” Fitzpatrick said, adding that Polevich allegedly hid the car in his garage.
Had Polevich not fled the scene, Fitzpatrick said the incident might have been classified as an auto accident with no criminal charges. Since he took off, police couldn’t evaluate whether he was under the influence at the time of the collision.”

Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, was killed in a hit-and-run on February 14, 2021. The hit and run diver Charles Polevich was ordered on a released bail of $250,000 bond.

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