US-based singer, Daffy Blanco supports Oye Kyme, spills more dirty secrets about Mompha and Bobrisky

Bobrisky’s former P.A Oye Kyme, heated up the internet after she engaged her followers in a question and answer session, in which she revealed that the transvestite used to date Dubai-based business mogul, Mompha.

Reacting to Kyme’s allegations, Mompha threatened to take legal actions against her, stressing that she shouldn’t have tried to defame a billionaire like him.

“If you like delete all ur pictures and go private and you even block me. Trouble sleep u go wake am Guess you dont know am the real trouble maker. you no see who to defame a whole billionaire”, Mompha fired.

However, fired back at Mompha stating that she is not scared of him because the news she shared is nothing new. She shared that her father is Nigerian and she could visit the country anytime she likes and if anything happens to her the crossdresser will be held responsible and his money will not save him.

Supporting Oye, US-based singer, Daffy Blanco made a post, opining that everyone knows Mompha is bi-sexual and he should stop trying to silence people simply because he has money.

“Everyone knows you bisexual stop trying to silence people just because you have money. Let me not spill!!!Oga just keep quiet sha the more you defend the more you look guilty. If it was not true you suppose shut up.

Let’s not even begin with your trip to South Africa and stuff you did to the poor girls you invited to your hotel. Y’all favourites take it in the ass and like it in the ass!!! 

And everything Oye Kyme said is true because I used to be friends with that Shim!!!”.

She further encouraged Oye to chat her up should anyone threaten her because she’s a better financial match for them than Kyme is.

 “Oye Kyme DM me if any motherf*cker threaten you. His match are my mates. Money talks, banana walks.”

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