Usain Bolt Fears Corona Virus, Goes Into Self-Isolation

After celebrating his 34th birthday on the 21st of August with a crowded party (no one wearing a face mask), the Jamaican retired athlete has gone into isolation, following him showing signs of corona virus. He had to run the test immediately.

The party which was held in his home town Jamaica had lots of prominent personalities present, such as sterling, Bayer Leverkusen from Manchester City football club, to Chris Gayle and other reputable guest who flew from different parts of the country just to celebrate with him.

The birthday party was said to have been put together by his wife Kasi who despite giving birth to their baby girl Olympia Lighting Bolt in May still found the time to make her man’s day worth while irrespective of the pandemic shaking the whole country.

Few days just after Bolt’s massive birthday bash, he took to his Instagram page to share the message that he started showing symptoms of covid-19 and immediately went into self isolation as he awaits the result of the test carried out.

While we await Bolt’s result, it is also wise that everyone present at the party should go into self isolation and take precaution by running the covid-19 test. Right or Wrong?

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