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“Use the money you spend on calls to gossip and buy deodorant, you stink” – Frederick Leonard blasts actresses

Nollywood actor Frederick Leonard has called out his female colleagues after he almost got choked on set by someone’s body odour.

The movie star who obviously couldn’t stand the offensive smell of the actress (whose name he didn’t mention) during a movie shoot, went on a long rant on In

Frederick called her out respectively and told her to make better use of the money she spends on data for gossiping.

“Not using Deodorant or body spray should be an offense punishable by law. Use deodorants! Especially if your work is tedious and involves a lot of body movement. You can sweat and when you sweat, you stink. It is not expensive. No matter how low you earn, you can afford it. Use the money you spend on calls to gossip, and buy data to visit gossip blogs on social media to freshen up yourself and smell good.

So you don’t kill your colleagues and coworkers. Thank you”, Frederick said.

After the post, some of his colleagues took to the comment section to attest to his claims, while others laughed over it but none went as far as mentioning the actress in question.

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