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Van Vicker Graduates from AUCC with three Honorary Awards, after 21years

Prominent actor and movie producer, Joseph Van Vicker has graduated from the African University College of Communications (AUCC) 21 years after his secondary education.

The actor studied Strategic Communications at AUCC, graduating with three Honorary Awards; First Class Honours, Best Student in Strategic Communication, and Best Communication Student. 

Van Vicker shared his achievements on Instagram, alongside a picture from his graduation. The actor told the story of how it had taken him 21years to grab his first degree. He narrated that he should have enrolled in the university in 1997 but had to abort that plan because his single mother could not afford to pay for his education. By the actor’s calculation, he should complete university around the year 2000/2001 if his mother been able to sponsor him. 

He also acknowledged that he was able to achieve this because he has a partner who relishes education and all it cost him was time. He further expressed his gratitude to all who supported him and is still supporting him through his journey.

Van Vicker, while celebrating his marriage anniversary in 2020, narrated how he had no university degree at age 26 due to a lack of financial support. He also added that he was living ‘hand-to-mouth’, lived in a small rented apartment, had a rickety car that made him acquire skills of that of a mechanic, had no real furniture and embraced hard work as a principle to his successful struggle. But when he met his wife, Adjoa, he knew he had literally ‘bought’ wealth and his life changed that day.

Van Vicker shared a photo with his wife and accompanied with the caption: 

“So today is an extremely special day in my life. The day I took that bold step to join the ‘Men’ of this World, the day one of my dream was accomplished; I relished the idea of being married young.

October 16, 2003, I had just started life (26yrs), no university degree cos I had no funds or support to pay the tuition few years earlier, working hand to mouth, living in a small rented apartment, a rickety car that made me acquire skills of that of a mechanic, no real furniture, embraced hard work as a principle to my success struggle, etc.

But on this day, I knew I had literally ‘bought’ WEALTH”.

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