Vic O Challenges Shatta Wale to A Rap Battle After He berated Nigerian Musicians

Nigerian rapper, Victor Ncha Odu aka Vic O has challenged Ghanaian Rapper, Shatta Wale to a rap battle, promising to quit music if he (Shatta Wale) wins.

This came up after Shatta Wale threw jabs at Nigerian artistes after he sold out his concert. The concert witnessed a massive turnout at the Accra Sports Stadium. Making boast of the filled up stadium, Shatta Wale said;

“I just want to speak my mind. Do you know that majority of people in the Ghana music industry are fools?

They told me I wouldn’t sell out the stadium but see it now. I don’t need any Nigerian artistes to sell out my concerts. F** k Nigerian artistes”.

Reacting in a video, Vic O who found the comment offensive berated the Ghanaian artiste for his rude comments. He went as far as challenging the Ghanian act to a rap battle, promising towns his career when they’re done.

Vic O wrote: “Shatta Wale or whatever, that little respect I have for you has just Pim.

I don’t care what they must have done to you, but then, don’t include everybody because it means I am included.

If you try that next time, you will ever regret it, do you understand what am saying. Be careful how you run your mouth, Nigeria is a blessed country.

If you say you are the best, I challenge you to a #rapbattle or a #singbattle, Cos i know you’re just running mouth. You have the guts to insult Naija stars. 

When I’m done with you, You’ll cry for mercy to get into the studio again. @shattawalenima if u win i resign from Music. This is no joke. I’m just lacking of good management if I had one you won’t see my brake light.

‘@shattawalenima accept my challenge if you’re a good artist and if u win me I resign from Music”.

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