We are Going to Win the Next Election – Ayu

The People’s Democratic Party national chairman, Dr Iyorchia Ayu,  has said the party will win the 2023 general as President Buhari APC-led administration has performed woefully. 

The PDP chairman spoke on Thursday at an interactive session with former national, zonal and state publicity secretaries of the party at the PDP National Secretariat, Abuja.

He said: “Our victory in Osun State shows that we are on the way to victory.

“We are definitely going to win the next election, and we’ll increase the number of governors, we’ll control the National Assembly, House of Representatives, most state Houses of Assembly and of course the big prize, friends, we shall return to the villa.

“Our publicity management is formed on the realities of our performance and the realities of what we want to do for the Nigerian people.

“We do not want to claim victories that we have not earned. And I think that it is important that we maintain this relationship with the Nigerian people. They should trust us. The English man says actions speak louder than words.

“And the Nigerian people, as long as we continue to do the right things, they will believe us, and they will definitely give us their mandate.

“We have already demonstrated this in the last six to eight months since we took over as the NWC of the party.

“We try to convince Nigeria people of the disgusting realities that they find themselves in, thanks to the APC and all the lies they told against the PDP.”

Ayu added that in terms of performance, Nigerians now know the remarkable difference between the PDP and the APC.

His words: “I think that message is getting through by the series of elections we’ve gone through.

“In the elections in Abuja in the six local governments, people voted massively for the PDP. Out of 68 councillors, PDP won 48, and APC can down to 18.

“In the elections in Ekiti and Osun, again, it was clear that the preferred party that the Nigerian people want to take over power next year is still the PDP. This is not based on lies, is based on realities.

“It’s based on the reality of these two states elections — Ekiti and Osun. Never mind, we had hiccups in Ekiti for reasons many Nigerian and party members know. We still keyed in on a very important state of Osun.

“This means we now control the heartland of the South-West. We control both Osun and Oyo, and if you control the heartland of the South-West, you are likely to win in the rest of the South-West in Ondo, in Ogun and of course the big prize in Lagos.

“So, we need to work harder to tell Nigerians the truth. We need to convey to Nigerians the failure of the APC and go ahead and tell them what we will do for them as realistically as possible.

“People don’t vote for you for what you did for them in the past alone. They don’t vote for you if they’re convinced that when you come in, their quality of life will improve.”

Similarly, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr Debo Ologunagba, has said the party under Ayu’s leadership had demonstrated capacity since it took office barely six months ago.

“When we took over eight months ago under the leadership of the rescue mission captain, Dr Ayu, we came in with the mandate to reposition this party.

“Under his leadership, we have been pointedly directed that we need to change the narrative with regards to how we communicate.

“We first started determining  what we want to achieve. I know we’re used to a certain mindset about how communication should go.

“But we came out with the mandate that we will as a party and as a National Working Committee under   the leadership of the chairman and the Directorate of Publicity will confront and engage in conversation war with the liars of the APC.”

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