We are Responsible for all Our Actions – Shiite Group

The Imam Mahdi Foundation, a Shiite organisation promoting peace and understanding, has urged Nigerians to reevaluate the need for peace, unity and understanding to birth development and progress in the country. 

The Chairman of the Imam Mahdi Foundation, Mohammad Ibrahim Gamawa, stated this in a statement, stressing that being a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual union, Nigeria is blessed in its diversity.

He said: ” It is our duty as Nigerians to exploit this God-given opportunity for the betterment of our nation and posterity. Once again, we as a nation, for the next two quarters, are going through a season of politics to decide those who will lead our great country. It is time for Nigerians to look inwards and vote for leaders who can make the country a better place irrespective of tribe, region or religion.”

“Though there are people who exploit unnecessarily created tension to achieve their whims and caprices and to satisfy their greed through all forms of negative propaganda, thereby dividing Nigerians along with tribal, religious or regional sentiments, we must remember that Nigeria is our country and avoid stabbing our selves in the back. We must uphold our interest as a nation as against our interests as individuals, for indeed united we stand and divided we fall.”

“There is no better time to remain law-abiding and committed to social morality and humanity to save our country from destruction than now. We need peace, unity and understanding to achieve this. Hence, we call on all Nigerians to contribute their quota in making our nation a better place for us and generations unborn.”

“This statement will not be complete without condemning the recent inhuman attack on a Church at Owo in Ondo state. We use this opportunity to express our heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families, pray for the souls of those who were killed and pray for those who sustained injuries and wish them quick recovery as well.”

“For other Nigerians, we seek God Almighty’s intervention in bringing an end to the activities of the various agents of the devil camouflaging as bandits, kidnappers, terrorists, known and unknown gunmen, rustlers and others who are deteriorating our nascent peace. We pray to God Almighty to deal with them in His way.”

“In conclusion, we call on Nigerians to remember that we are responsible for all our actions as citizens. Whatever we plant is what we shall reap. It has therefore become pertinent to live up to our expectations.”

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