We can Fix our Leadership Problem-Obasanjo

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that Nigerians have has a long way to go as far as good leadership is concerned, adding that the people has greater role to play in fixing the leadership problem that is bedeviling the country.

The former President was speaking at the weekend, shortly after he was conferred with a leadership award by the Treasure House Of God Church, Abeokuta, as part of the activities marking the 60th birthday and retirement of the Setman of the church, Seye Senfuye.

Senfuye, a former Accountant-General in Ogun state and the Senior Special Assistant to the former Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, bowed out of service in August after 35 years.

Obasanjo said  that as a nation, the  people of other nationalities can only advise the country on what they think is right, but only Nigerians themselves can fix their problems.

He opined that the country has failed to attain the position it ought to occupy presently due to lack of directions

But Obasanjo speaking during a thanksgiving service organised for Senfuye held at the THG, said every Nigerian has a role to play in moving the country forward.

He pointed out that Nigerians who have had opportunities to attain leadership positions not to shirk in their responsibilities in ensuring the country is put on the right footings.

Obasanjo said: “If we are talking about leadership in Nigeria, there is still a lot to continue to do for the country, and for those of us who have enjoyed the privilege of the position we have attained, we must not shirk in our responsibility of the duty that still lies ahead. You and I, and everybody who is here now know that Nigeria is not where it should be.

“And who will put Nigeria where it should be? Not people from America, not people from Europe, not people from Asia; it’s you and me here in Nigeria. And if we fail to do what we should do, if we fail to say what we should say, when we should do it and when we should say it, we will be liable. We will be liable here, we will be liable hereafter. My prayer is that the responsibility that God has given to us, by keeping us alive, we will live up to it”.

He, however, commended the celebrator for contributing meritoriously to the service of Ogun State and Nigeria, charging him to continue to dedicate himself to duties that will move the society forward.

Speaking with newsmen, Senfuye thanked God for the grace to witness the day adding that as somebody who has passed through thin and thick of life, he is going to sponsor a bill to the Ogun State House of Assembly for a day to be set aside as a thanksgiving day.

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