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“We paid you for the prank video, and you gave us permission to post it”- Zfancy expose Bobrisky

Bobrisky has been threatening fire and brimstone after comedian Zfancy shared an unedited video of him being pranked. The crossdresser threatened to arrest the prankster, claiming that the video was uploaded without his consent.

Not stopping there, Bobrisky beckoned on his fans to report any page that uploads or circulates the viral video.

Reacting to this, Zfancy shared his own side of the story, disclosing that Bobrisky was handsomely paid for the skit and he gave his consent for the footage to be shared online. 

Zfancy disclosed that Bobrisky was merely clout chasing and looking for trouble because they had evidence of chat records of Bob asking Kelvin( @ktsele1 ) when the prank video will be posted. He also threatened to release all the receipts of the due process followed before and after the prank. 

 Zfancy said;

“Mr/Ms Bobrisky. We do not understand why you’d like to make trouble with us. Please where is this coming from?? After the prank, we paid you for the prank (receipt available) and we also have a video of you giving us consent to post (available too).

We also have a chat record of you asking Kelvin (@ktsele1) when Zfancy will post your prank video (record also available). Bobrisky we aren’t trouble maker and do not want trouble.

However we will not shy away from being bullied by you. You called us threatening to use police to harrass us.

This is what happened here. After pranking Bobrisky, he requested for funds. And he is not like the first person I have pranked. I have pranked a lot of celebrities and none of them have requested for funds. Bobrisky requested for funds and it took hours before coming out, all because he’s trying to do make up and all of that.

After pranking him, he requested for funds which my management did, paid to him. Couple of days or weeks later, he asked this man they call Ktsele and he also consented to me posting on that particular day so I don’t understand all this wahala, all this stress.

I appreciate you, Bobrisky, what you do and all of that but please, na money I dey find for this life. Please I don’t want all this stress, I don’t, at all. You gave me consent for everything online and I have receipts for them. Na prank I dey prank. This is where I eat and I make sure I follow due procedures. Legally, I am backed. Please!”

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