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“We’re Good”- Rema Finally Reconciles With DJ Neptune

Mavin Golden boy, Rema has clearly stated that he and DJ Neptune have reconciled and anyone’s opinion after his statement is simply based on their personal emotions towards him.

It will be recalled that Rema via his Twitter handles asked Dj Neptune to delete the song ‘For You’, which was featured on his recently released album, “Greatness 2.0” without his permission or be ready for war.

The entire situation was later cleared by Rema’s manager, Sean Okeke, who released a statement of clarification. Okeke’s statement reads;

“Firstly, I acknowledge that I and my big bro- DJ Neptune had conversations regarding the said collaboration as well as the song release sometime last year 2020.

A few months passed, and the artiste felt the song shouldn’t be released anymore as there was no more release timeline for it and urged me to communicate the same with my Big Bro.

I made it known to DJ Neptune sometime during our conversation that the song can’t come out again as we don’t have any more free release window available for the song and hence we can’t put it out there. I also on my part promised to follow up with the artist & label with the hope of convincing all parties to approve the song release.

Since an official approval was not released nor split sheets signed, I felt the song won’t be released anymore.

Looking back at all that just happened, I really wish I had just held my ground that the artiste doesn’t really want the song released anymore which would have made DJ Neptune focus on getting other songs for his album.”

Rema was later criticised for calling out DJ Neptune publicly rather than addressing the situation in private.

In response to this, Rema made the public aware that he and Neptune have reconciled and they are working towards releasing a song together.

“I tried to stop it all behind closed doors for months and I wasn’t listened to, as my record went public so did I. Any Agenda held after this statement is based on your personal emotion towards me. Me and @deejayneptune are good and we gonna drop dem bangers when it’s time.” Rema wrote.

He added that any other criticism or agenda after his tweet was based on anyone’s personal emotion towards him.

Also, DJ Neptune alongside screenshots of his discussion with Rema’s manager wrote: “It’s all love on this side! Keep Winning Remy Boi.”

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