Who’s To Blame: Peruzzi Assaults Rema (Slap), For Not Calling Davido Uncle.

During the finale of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 Lockdown, top Nigerian artists came through with an amazing performance. The likes of Davido, Maryorkun, Fire Boy, Rema etc. With the whole excitement and everyone getting ready for the BBNaija after party, Rema might have stepped on the wrong toes with the DMW camp as he was said to have disrespected the DMW boss, Davido.

Dremo, took to his twitter page to drop a message, “That teddy bear is rude lol” which many saw as a shade to Rema, disrespecting Davido

Rema, upon seeing Dremo’s tweet, responded; “my teddy bear is my best friend, he doesn’t talk, so he can’t judge me. humans judge people, i don’t like humans, sometimes”.

Stories making rounds state that Rema disrespected Davido by greeting him casually, calling him by his name. Davido was not having it as he questioned why he can’t call him uncle Davido. Rema, without saying a word, was said to have been slapped by Dremo and Peruzzi.


This has caused lots of drama on social media, especially from Davido’s signees; Dremo and Peruzzi. The two DMW artists were said to have instigated the drama that led to Rema’s random tweets. This got everyone talking, pointing to the fact that, Dremo’s and Peruzzi’s tweets might have triggered it.


It got so bad that they started exchanging words indirectly on twitter. Some persons felt Don Jazzy should have stepped in before it got out of hands.

Not just that, some were also comparing Rema to Fire Boy saying; Rema should stand for himself and that Fire Boy is doing well without Olamide.

Most fans were feeling concerned about Rema, as he has never tweeted the way he did. he also complained that someone was trying to change his password, which Davido replied “lol bro litt”

Don Jazzy on the other hand was also tagged in a post that Rema’s password should be changed. He replied saying “why that he is passing a message and that the person should read on”.

Well, looks like Rema took it very personal as he went on tweeting about how he came into lime light unannounced.

He also went on to talk about how he stole his friend’s (Eric) laptop in 2017, even when he was trying to help him saying his mom was having a baby and he was the only man in the family. He wanted to prove a point to his friends who laughed at him.


The Dumebi crooner also went on to reveal that Ozedikus used to sneak beats for free from his team because he had no money.

Others think that Rema wouldn’t have gone this far if he wasn’t pushed to the wall.


Meanwhile, other posts said the story about Peruzzi slapping Rema was all a joke, which Davido also replied on twitter.

Looking at the trends and drama between Rema, Remo and Peruzzi, who do you think is to blame?

Do you think Rema disrespected Davido by addressing him by his name? Do you think it was wise of Peruzzi to have slapped Rema.

Do you think its all a stunt and nothing as such ever happened? Well that will leave us wondering why Rema is raking so badly on twitter.

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