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Why Dj Switch Was Granted Asylum To Canada.

October 20th, 2020, is a date that will not be forgotten in Nigeria, as it marks the day innocent citizens lost their lives at the Lekki #EndSars and police brutality protest that started peacefully but ended bloody due to the massacre from the military.

End sars protesters are running for their lives as the country is no longer safe for them to live in. this is as a result of government officials alleged to have been coming for them, for sharing videos and pictures of the Nigerian soldiers killing innocent citizens at the protest.

Nigerian popular DJ, DJ switch, happens to be amongst one of the protesters that has to run for her life, as the government is said to be after her, as the recording of the massacre was recorded on her Instagram live session, which the entire country connected from. What was her wrong is what no one seems to understand to date.

The truth is, if DJ switch was never there if she never went live on her social media, no one would have known what really went down there that day.

Well DJ switch has been on the run since the video of the massacre went viral as she is being wanted in the country. Well, looks like she is finally in safe hands, as she has received asylum in Canada, and is reporting everything that happened during the protest.

The country is no longer safe for the #EndSars protesters, says Nigerian popular journalist Kemi Olunloyo, confirming the news making the rounds about DJ switch, saying she has already left Nigeria and is receiving asylum hearings in Canada. She also went on to say that, those protesters with the yellow logo on their profile display picture, should keep waiting till president Buhari arrest them, we all love Nigeria, but dead men can’t talk, she added.

“DJ Switch has already left Nigeria

She’s already in asylum hearings in Canada

So I hear. The rest of you PROTESTERS and those with that yellow logo on your DP keep waiting till Buhari arrests you. Trust me, we all love Nigeria but dead men can’t talk.”

Meanwhile, most Nigerians can’t help but show excited they are upon hearing the news that DJ switch has received asylum in Canada, see their tweets below:

DJ switch was indeed accorded for her brevity, as she was seen as the bravest woman in Nigeria, for telling the truth despite all the pressure and threats to her life.

On the other hand, a lot has been going on since the start of the #EndSars protest started, and in the last one week, Moe’s passport was seized, BBC journalist Tosin threw in Suleja prison, banks accounts of protesters have been frozen, and many more, all-cause of the revealing, and filming soldiers who murdered innocent citizens at the protest ground on October 20th, 2020.

With all of these going on in the country, one can’t help but wonder if there is ever going to be freedom of speech in the country called Nigeria,

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