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Why Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV show is unique –Dickson Aligbe

Dickson Aligbe is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Empire Entertainment and with his vast knowledge of the entertainment industry in the US, he decided to do a replica in Nigeria with his own Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality Show.  

He speaks on what the show is all about, what makes his show different from other shows and advise to all the contestants. 


Today you guys are here to witness our show – Our Reality Show, called Empire House on Wheels. We started the show with 25 contestants but today we have 17 left because we did a couple of evictions. And the remaining contestants will battle for the grand prize.

What do you intend to achieve with this reality show?

There are various types of the reality show in the country and outside the country. I live in United States of America (USA) and I have watched a lot of reality shows. The shows are about how you turn things around. Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show is not like we are doing something that had never been done before. Other shows have their own standard but in our own case, we brought a vehicle (caravan) and we changed our own way of doing a show. It is not just having the contestants in the house but we took our tour bus to take contestants out for various assignments. The show is all in one. Most of reality shows are about men and women, but ours is more of business orientation and  fashion. We taught the contestants how they can invest their money. Most times, some people would win a show but they don’t know what to do with the money. Ours is to educate them on how to use the money wisely and not live an ostentatious life. We want the contestants to better their lives and take their careers to the next level. 

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