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Why I lied about being Gay- Actor Uche Maduagwu

Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu who recently paraded himself as being gay just unveiled that he lied about the entire incident. 

Recall that Uche Maduagwu had come out as “proudly gay” in an Instagram post, where he posted a video consisting of a still image of himself clad in a salmon t-shirt, smiling at the camera with sunglasses on. The text next to Maduagwu read “Proudly Gay,” and included a heart emoji to boot, along with an upbeat clip of music playing in the background.

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In a separate post, he implored President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on Nigeria “for its inhuman laws against law-abiding homosexuals.” He went on to post another video of himself looking dazzling in a crimson red lace push-up bra and those same stunning sunglasses.

Today, the actor best known off-screen for trolling fellow artists and other public figures made a post on Instagram, contradicting his earlier claims and representations of being gay. He said his claims of being gay made him lose movie roles and endorsement. He also said he lost his girlfriend simply because he decided to use his celebrity status to fight for LGBT rights in Nigeria. 

“Dear fans, I am not Gay. I lost movie roles and endorsement and my girlfriend fighting for LGBT rights in Nigeria” he wrote with the caption, “Omg even my girlfriend left me knowing I was fighting for LGBT right in Naija but I no regret using my celebrity status to fighting for this beautiful community”.

Trust Nigerians to not take this charade likely, as they came after the actor, stating that he is truly gay and was seeking attention but when he didn’t get some, he decided to take another turn, and nonetheless, no one will take him seriously now as his charade preceded his reputation. Others said his actions were a bid to gain financial advantage, not minding its effects on his reputation.

Nigeria is not an entirely welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community presently. In 2014, then-Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan passed the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which criminalizes all forms of same-sex relationships and seeks to essentially erase LGBTQ+ life. Among other things, it outlawed gay sex, cohabitation between LGBTQ+partners, public displays of affection, and participation in “gay clubs, societies, and organization.”

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