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Willie XO undergoes Financial crisis, gets stripped of his properties by Music Label

Popular Singer, Willie XO has fallen from hero to zero overnight as his music label strips him of his cars, pieces of jewelry and properties until he repays the $1.5M to SBMG or face legal action for his fallout with the label.

It was reported that Willie breached his contract with SBMG and had meetings with major labels, which led to an irreconcilable fallout. This prompted the label to seize Willie’s vehicles, including his Rolls Royce and Bentley, likewise several pieces of jewelry worth about $500k to make up for their lost investments.

Willie has since then been blocked from releasing any music recorded under the label, likewise any form of collaboration. Rumours also has it that several major labels, including Sony, Universal and others have been keen on working with Willie but SBMG blocked the deals, making unreasonable demands and insisting that all deals must go through them.

It has been reported that Willie has been offline for some months now due to the current situation which got him depressed.

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