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Yomi Fabiyi Exposes his Ex-wife for Physically Assaulting him, Releases Evidence

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has not only accused his Ex-wife of being violent but also released evidence to back up his claims.

Gistlover had claimed that the actor’s affair with his baby mama, Oreofe Grace Fabiyi began after he demanded sex in exchange for role scripts.

The ex-lovebirds have been trashing each other amid a messy break-up on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of his private chats with Grace, Yomi stated that only a criminal and reckless journalist would not listen to both sides of a story before jumping to conclusions. He wrote in parts:

“Social Media and anonymous blogging :

This was how it started with Grave and I. Is this SEX FOR ROLE? Only a criminal or reckless journalist will not balance story before reaching a conclusion. You created a platform, violate people’s rights, gained traffic with people’s life, health, career.

“This has brainwashed innocent lads and turned them to addicted trolls and cyberbullies, their background now stinks. These innocent and imperfect folks now think their days is incomplete without any bad news, celebs or person’s to drag, troll or curse. Anarchy looms! Stop promoting, supporting or encouraging criminal blogging. Not safe for society, your children and your mental health”.

Fabiyi cautioned Gistlovers  for listening to Grace’s side of the story and calling him out over sex-for-role, without reaching out to him first.

Fabiyi went on to expose with receipts, all he went through in the hands of Grace.


She recorded my nude and threatened me with it. Since they know they have A CRIMINAL BLOG that throws any shit out without proper journalistic investigation.

They know they have a blog who don’t care if an hard earned name is tarnished. They know there is a blog who groom criminals and trolls, THEY INITIATE A CHAT OR SMS TO DRAG YOU INTO MESS AND FURNISH THEM. This criminal blog has groomed dangerous and toxic society online. The society suffers. That blog MENTORS your children, the result is coming soon.

Inspite of all these, she came out to lie against me, defame me and attempt to destroy what I worked for.”

Fabiyi then shared a court statement, summoning Grace in a bid to sort out their issues, with he caption:

“Summoned. The court did MEDIATION but she went ahead to still go on with violence. Hence the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).

During the session, she had nothing against me and the officers concluded all my allegations and evidences were genuine. For sake of peace they advise we live separately. She opted to move out and travel to the East. And the following was decided:

1. That I provide funds for her new accommodation (As stated and concluded by both parties).

2. Provide monthly CHILD SUPPORT

3. Provide funds for Transportation

4. Take Care of Child Medical

5. Take care of School Expenses.

All these I provided for and she began to act contrary. I noticed she did not want to leave and putting up several acts. I approached the court that I will rather move out for her for the sake of peace.

I moved out and travelled outside Lagos. I slept in the car the first day. The next thing I saw was one CRIMINAL BLOGGER tarnishing my image and spreading criminal defamation and lies against me. She was my girlfriend, we are NOT MARRIED. How can any sane person who hates crime support, encourage and promote such blog.”

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