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Yomi Fabiyi Reopens Film Academy amidst s3x for role allegations

Actor Yomi Fabiyi who was accused of receiving sex from his students in exchange for movie roles has reopened another branch of his film academy, ROCKLAF, in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The actor took to Instagram to update his followers on the recent development of his film academy.

Sharing a photo of himself and a supposed student, Yomi Fabiyi urged his fans who have an interest in acting to join the train of students for the next admission.

He wrote: “ROCKLAF now have a BRANCH in ABEOKUTA!

To pursue your dream in acting and filming, to become a STAR, join officially via ROCKLAF.

No connection, previous experience, or qualifications are required. Stop picking excuses or procrastinating. CHASE YOUR DREAM NOW!..”

Yomi has been in the news couple of times over the issue of sex for roles, which he has constantly denied.

The most recent was from his ex-wife, Oreofe Grace and a controversial Instagram blogger.

Debunking the allegations, Yomi wrote;

“Social Media and anonymous blogging :

This was how it started with Grace and I. Is this SEX FOR ROLE? Only a criminal or reckless journalist will not balance story before reaching a conclusion. You created a platform, violate people’s rights, gained traffic with people’s life, health, career. This has brainwashed innocent lads and turned them to addicted trolls and cyberbullies, their background now stinks. These innocent and imperfect folks now think their days is incomplete without any bad news, celebs or person’s to drag, troll or curse. Anarchy looms! Stop promoting, supporting or encouraging criminal blogging. Not safe for society, your children and your mental health”.

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