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“You are a betrayer and a fake activist”- Eedris Abdulkareem drags Charly Boy over a 2004 incident with 50 Cent

Veteran rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem has slammed his colleague, Charly Boy over the comments he made about his infamous clash with American rapper 50 Cent in 2004.

It all started after Eedris in an Instagram post recalled the 2004 incident when 50 cents was invited to perform alongside other indigenous talents by Nigerian Breweries, he and his crew were challenged by Abdulkareem, who was asked to vacate the first class area reserved for him (50 cents).

In October 2020 a viral interview of an American singer, Yung Buckhorn, who was in Nigeria with 50 cents when the fight ensued, narrated how Abdulkareem stood against the whole crew (50 cents) when he was asked to vacate the First Class seat for 50 Cent.

However, Abdulkareem reacted to the video by sharing his part of the story.

Eedris explained in a lengthy statement:“I always try as much as I can to refrain from talking about this issues many a time when reporters and inquisitive fans pose questions about it, but for clarity sake, based on Young Buck’s statements on the matter in a now viral radio interview in the US, I will just lay down a few facts

“In my contract with the organisers of the 4City concert tagged ‘Star Mega Jamz’, I requested for specific simple things which they agreed to vis; GIVE ME THE EXACT TREATMENT YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE TO 50CENT!

“If you’re giving him and his crew 50 bottles of any exotic wine or spirits, that’s what I and my crew gets.

“If you’re giving him first class, that’s what I get and same goes for every other thing including lodgings, logistics and the likes.

“They breached our mutual and contractual agreements and threw caution to the wind immediately the Americans showed up in their mad haste to idolise the Americans while debasing, abusing and toying with our own homegrown music talents who were on that tour…This event as narrated by Young Buck took place a day after the TBS Lagos show where 50’s explicit lyrics oozing sex and promoting violence caused a pandemonium, with people raping and wreck havocs everywhere.

Back at the chartered aircraft, after waiting alongside every other participant for more than 2 hours for 50Cent and his crew to arrive the airport, they came in and asked me in a very condescending tone and attitude to vacant the seat and go and seat in the economy class with the rest of the Nigerian acts, that the entire area was reserved for 50!

“This was done rudely while they were uttering profanities that are alien to our world, and being a proud and unrepentant African and son of my mother, I refused to be used as a mere rag and toy to be tossed around…and the rest is history!

“And that was when all the things Young Buck recounted started happening! I stood up to be counted for myself as a creative artiste and for all other creative artistes who had been serially used and abused, severally.

“I stood up for all creative talents who had been dishonored and spat upon!…I staked my career and fought that battle…and once again today, the rest is history…”Eedris also recounted how CharlyBoy collected evidence of the attack on Abdulkareem by 50 Cent and Gunit from DJ Tee, who recorded it.

CharlyBoy commented about the incident, saying: “The people wey know dis story go tell you say, after I show 50cents people craze, I made them leave Nigeria that day back to the states, forgetting the rest of their Nigerian tour.

“For beating my ungrateful son, Edris I drove them back to America.

“Nigerian Breweries head scatter, them come arrange package the IG of police, I was locked up in police cell for almost 1 month.

“Sometimes in life, the people that you fight for fight you back out of their ignorance.

”Eedris replied him by calling him a fake activist who is only concerned about money and not leadership. He also accused the veteran of collecting 70million from Nigerian breweries to blackmail him.

Edris said: “Shut up, you collected 70million from Nigerian breweries to blackmail me, you also collected the evidence of the attack by 50cent and Gunit from DJ Tee who recorded everything that happened in the plane on that faithful day.

“Dj T was arrested by the Nigerian police to shut him up and then he relocated to the US. Nigerian artist the likes of P Square, Kc Presh, Emoney were chased out of the backstage with koboko by the same organiserd that you conspired with so shut the fuck up you are a betrayal and a fake activist you are all about money not leadership.

“Anyways the full story is projected into a full album. I want to use this opportunity to thank @buckshotbdi for exposing the real truth of what happened inside that plane JAH BLESS.”

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