“You are an idiot to talk down on celebrities”-Kanayo and Walter Anga slams critic over Leo Mezie’s death

An online critic made it a point of duty to be a judge over the actions of Nollywood actors and actresses and she got served squarely by veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, who was duly backed by his colleague, Walter Anga.

Empire Africa reported on Monday, May 16 that actor Leo Mezie died after battling kidney disease for years. The actor, Leo Mezie reportedly had a transplant earlier this month but succumbed to the life-threatening illness on n Saturday, May 14, 2022.

The devastating news broke the hearts of many celebrities, particularly in the movie industry and they took to social media to mourn him.

A critic who wasn’t buying their “fake tears” lashed out at them for being two-faced. She was of the opinion that many of the celebrities acting like they were moved by his death made no effort to support him while he was battling the illness.

She wrote, “Watch the yeyebrities begin to cry more than the bereaved now meanwhile, he had been soliciting for funds to no avail”.

Reacting to it, Kanayo Kanayo queried if the female critic is part of the Actors Guild that she knew none of the actors helped the deceased.

Kanayo did not take it likely with the critic, as he blatantly scolded, “Eteyi, you are an idiot to talk down on celebrities. Are you one? Are you of the Actor’s Union? Did anyone call for your assistance by any means. It’s only in Nigeria that nitwits like you talk about celebrities not doing anything or enough for a societal cause or one another. Looking at your page, you have no followership, therefore, it’s safe to conclude you are looking for evidence”.

Serving as his backup, Walter Anga cautioned the lady, “Auntie say what you know oh!!!! You guys just talk less about people in the industry without knowing what and how they have assisted. Must everyone come to SM to tell things were done without bringing it to social media”. 

Also, Chioma Toplis who broke the news of Leo Mezie’s death said Leo discouraged them from assisting him after he faked his first kidney disease.

According to her, the late actor stopped her and a colleague from visiting him at the hospital in the UK. A few months later, Leo claimed God healed him miraculously and returned to Nigeria to continue living his normal life.

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