“You didn’t make me” – Crossdresser James Brown fires back at Bobrisky

Controversial crossdresser, James Brown finally joined Daddy Freeze live session to counter Bobrisky’s claims that he made him who he is today.

In an Instagram live session initiated by Daddy Freeze to address the beef between James Brown, Bobrisky, and life coach, Solomon Buchi, Bobrisky narrated how she posted James brown on her page at the early stages of his cross-dressing evolution, which helped to boost him to fame.

“This James Brown they are shouting James Brown! James Brown!, I made James Brown, I made James Brown who he is today, I will say it anywhere,” Bobrisky boasted.

I posted James Brown on my page, when everybody called him names, I was the person that asked him to come to my house and I gave him money. It is fine if he is who he is today. It is normal”, Bob bragged.

James Brown who couldn’t let this slide, countered all that Bob claimed. James said he had always thought of becoming a crossdresser way before he met Bobrisky. He also added that at the time Bobrisky invited him over, he was already on his way to becoming a successful crossdresser.

“From when I was nine years old, I’ve thought about becoming a crossdresser, becoming who I want to become. You get. So when I was caught when I started, remember I went to prison, for one month. How can someone who made you allow you to go to prison? And claim he made you? Nobody actually made me. I made myself”, he said.

James also added that Bob seems to be envious of his achievements and meeting with him was a part of the media strategy to bossy his audience.

“One thing I really respected about Bobrisky is that he reached out to me. It was a strategy. He knew I was the hot cake. Reaching out to me was a way to tap into the platform”, Brown said.

In conclusion, James said he had so much respect for Bobrisky and expected better from her as one who has been in the game for long

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