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“You want to destroy the ladder that you climbed to the top” -Yomi Fabiyi responds to Mo Bimpe

Yomi Fabiyi has given a swift response, shortly after Mo Bimpe cleared the air in the sex for roles allegations leveled against him.

It will be recalled that there had been rumours of some sexual escapade between Yomi and Bimpe when she was working with him.

Contradicting the reports hours ago in a question and answer session with her fans, Mo Bimpe stated that Yomi didn’t ask her out until she finished shooting his movie, Oko Iyabo which shot her into the limelight.

According to her, Yomi stated that if he knew she would have turned his proposal down, he would have made his feelings known before shooting the movie with her.

“NO! In fact he didn’t ask me out till we finished the movie I featured in (tho he said if he knew I was going to turn him down then he would have done that before shooting the movie). We don’t relate cos he insisted on either dating me or being enemies and I had to choose”, she responded.

According to the actress, the primary reason for Yomi Fabiyi’s action was that she didn’t make herself available for his sexual needs despite how much he had pressured her.

Now responding to her allegations on Instagram, Yomi said he has finally been vindicated naturally after Bimpe tried o destroy the ladder that helped her to the top.

Yomi Fabiyi wrote “Hello you say what? I am coming, I am in the library. It is safe to say some people will want to DESTROY the ladder they use in climbing to the top by all means possible and a handful will still indulge in such. Nothing is as efficacious as Natural Justice. Game on.”

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