“Your husband has lost respect marrying someone like you”- Talent manager, Lady Kara blasts Tega

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tega recently deactivated her Instagram account, with the hope of enjoying some peace and quiet amidst the constant social media trolling and bullying. But Talent manager, Kara has sworn to never let that happen, as she continues to drag Tega for her sexcapades in the Big Brother Naija house.

It will be recalled that Tega had been heavily criticized and trolled due to her illicit affairs with her fellow housemate, Boma while in the Big Brother house. 

However, in a recent post, Tega said she is totally fed up and mentally exhausted with the negativity and online bullying from Nigerians who have constantly judged her based on what she did in Biggie house.

“I am not perfect but I am done! Done with the negativity, done with the online bullying, done with being judged constantly. I am mentally exhausted,” Tega wrote.

A few hours later, Tega deactivated her Instagram page, a move that has generated reactions among Nigerians, one of which is talent manager, Kara.

Lady Kara in a post shared on Instagram slammed Tega for behaving in an abominable manner on National TV, despite being Married and also displaying arrogance after her exit with claims that she and Boma acted based on a script.

Lady Kara opined that Tega could not be done with the social media bully until people forgive her adding she should be humble. She added that Tega’s husband had lost respect marrying someone like Tega, who is tacky and disrespectful because she and her counterpart have no value for marriage.

Kara’s post reads: 

“You behaved abominably as a married woman on national TV and the arrogance you showed on the top claiming scripts and possible influence after the show…What do you expect? You think people would accept that behaviour and say nothing.

You can’t be done accepting the telling off from people until they forgive you….be humble. Big Brother ought to highlight exemplary behaviours, and yours was pretty shameful… even your husband has lost respect marrying someone as tacky and disrespected as you. Your partner in the house obviously has no value for marriage or for you… sho some shame…if you have any”.

However in a recent post, Tega’s friend raised alarm saying that atega did not only deactivate her Instagram account, but also deactivated everyone around her. She said the BBNaija Housemate has been unreachable after 2000 comments and 1990 people threatening and abusing her.

Tega’s friend opined that people had no right to judge her even after she had apologizes, despite owing no one an apology. 

“You people know these housemates need their social media accounts to make money but you also took that from her. Mental health isn’t considered when Tega is involved. Are you the husband?

I hope she gets the strength to move on and ignore these trolls”, Tega’s friend wrote.

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