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You’re a clout chaser – Bovi blasts Nollywood Director, Niyi Akinmolayan

An online tussle has ensued between comedian Bovi and Nollywood director, Niyi Akinmolayam, leading Bovi to describe Niyi as a clout chaser.

Bovi recently released a comic movie, “My village People, that chronicles relatable African folklore. The movie, which was directed by Akinmolayan, deliberately refused to identify with the project when it was released(as alleged by Bovi).

The whole tussle started after Akinmolayan, who directed the movie, took to his Instagram page to promote the project alongside ‘Prophetess’.

“We have had an amazing year @anthillstudious_ the two leading films so far this year…” he had written in the now-deleted post accompanied by flyers of both projects.

Bovi, on seeing the post, came after Akinmolayan. In a lengthy post via his Instastories, Bovi described the filmmaker as a “clout chaser” for sharing the movie weeks after its release. Bovi also alleged that the director had originally refused to identify with the project when it was released until it started making the rounds.

“See this clout chasing, egoistic, inferiority complex driven director posting film that he’s deliberately refused to identify with since its release. Not like it mattered to me but once I heard all the sh*t coming from him and his body language, I was like how did I not walk away from this mess despite the warning signs”, Bovi wrote.

Bovi also accused the director of attempting to shut down his set during their shoot following a disagreement about the movie script. Bovi however promised him that with or without his effort, the movie will be a success.

“Day three of a two week shoot, when he first tried to shut my set down because he didn’t want me to even correct his reductive approach to the script, I promised him that with or without him, the film will be a success, Bovi continued. “I added that even I, the writer, cannot stop it because it’s in God’s hands.

 From then on approach to making this picture became lame and deliberately mediocre. Idris and Moses kept begging me to just ignore his alarming character flaws and finish the project. And that’s how I kept petting oga like a 4-year-old till we finished, not knowing he still carried a grudge fanned by an ego sitting on a ripe boil.

“Dude is just hype. Theoretically informed but practically inept. Now the film has done favourably well, he has come out of his coven to advertise himself. Shameless”, Bovi wrote.

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