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“You’re still living with Yul Edochie and bearing his full names, yet you are depressed” – Uche Maduagwu blasts May Edochie

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has reacted to May Edochie’s claims that after her husband took in his colleague, Judy Austin as his second wife, she got depressed.

May Edochie had for the first time opened up about her husband, Yul’s marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin.

May disclosed how many people on her comment section had rebuked her for cashing out from the situation. She revealed how she overcame depression from the trauma and stated that she doesn’t wish this on any of her enemy, if she has one.

Maduagwu queried May on why she still lives under he same roof with Yul, and also uses Yul Edochie’s full name to open new social media pages, likewise how she continues to bag endorsement deals with the name of the same man that supposedly got her depressed.

Taking to his Instagram page, Maduagwu wrote, “Dear May, I saw your live video and I am so CONFUSED. How you take survive DEPRESSION? When you still bearing. The Last name of person Wey put depression on you? And still together with am? This Na why Nigerians think you Dey cash out on all this, simple. Any man Wey Fit reward your loyalty with a 2nd wife does not deserve you Lobatan.  

Honestly, I am still in unlimited disbelief after watching that live #video seriously? You opened a NEW social media handle with the last name of him, yet, you still telling us how you allegedly overcome the depression, how you fit overcome something Wey the person that allegedly put you inside still galivant around BOASTFULLY with his New wife and using every opportunity to remind us why he gladly took a 2nd wife as a CHRISTIAN? Seriously? To make matter worse, even the new lyawo Dey use every opportunity to allegedly pepper you on social media to the extent of commenting on your Pikin #Bday without talking with you, despite #dating your man while he was legally #married to you before Belle, wow.”

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