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Zambian Lady Calls Out Singer Tekno For Refusing To Pay Child Support After His Music Got Her Pregnant

A Zambian lady identified as Rita Mwayanda has called for Nigerian singer, Tekno to pay for child support after she slept with a man out of the excitement of listening to his song “Pana”.

Rita blamed her pregnancy which in turn led to her sufferings on the singer, whilst disclosing that she used to be an ardent enthusiast of the singer and liked his songs so much.

She narrated how out of the excitement of listening to Tekno’s ‘Pana’, she ended up sleeping with the man who got her pregnant. Maintaining her stance, she disclosed that Tekno is the reason she has a child today and ought to pay for child support.

The report reads;

“A Lady from Zambia, ‘Rita Mwayanda’ took it out in public to express how Nigerian musician, Tekno is the reason she has a child and is suffering.

“It was back in 2016”- She explained. “I loved Tekno’s music so much. I would go out to a club just to listen to any song by Tekno. During the month he released ‘Pana’ I got so excited that I slept with a man I didnt know and ended up pregnant. If It was not for Tekno I wouldn’t have this child so he needs to pay for child support”- Rita cried.

Reacting to this, umycutie wrote, “Many are mad, few have acess to music. If Tekno’s music made you sleep with a man you didn’t know, it means Luther Vandross songs has made so many of us fall in love with plenty people”.

stainless_beauty_home wrote, “Tekno them say your song don make them carry belle”.

odogwuwifey wrote: “I’m embarrassed on your behalf. You slept with a man u know nothing about apart from his music. The next day u didn’t think of taking emergency pills and u carry on with life thinking if pregnancy come u don hammer? Jokes on u. Why some women refuse to use their brains, WHY? Abi their brain dey leak”.

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