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Actress Sienna Miller, 41, discusses her ‘unplanned pregnancy’ with her 27-year-old boyfriend

British-American actress, Sienna Miller is getting candid about being pregnant at 41 for her boyfriend Oli Green, 27, an actor with whom she has been in a relationship since 2021. 

While speaking with Vogue for their December cover issue, the actress who turns 42 this month, opened up about her pregnancy and how it had been ‘unplanned’, and she and her boyfriend’s 14-year age gap.

“I would imagine it would be complicated for anyone to get their head around, but there’s been nothing but love and joy,” Miller said of her relationship with Green, 27.

But for her beau, “It is real that I might want to be with someone older,”she said. At the end of the day, though, “I don’t think you can legislate on matters of the heart,” Miller said. “I certainly have never been able to.”

Miller, 41, is already mother to Marlowe (whom she co-parents with the actor Tom Sturridge), and now is having another girl. She also said that her daughter Marlowe, has been pressuring her for a sibling for some time. 

And in a video she filmed with Vogue, Sienna revealed that the pregnancy was an unplanned one, as she prepares to become a mother for the second time at 41. 

She revealed: ‘I was very fortunate. I wasn’t necessarily trying to get pregnant. This happened as a total surprise and biologically was something I was able to do.’ 

Sienna went on to further address the stigma around pregnancy as an older woman.

She added: ‘I think people are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal.

‘Like me being the older woman in a partnership with a younger person or being pregnant over 40 and that that’s irresponsible and poor child and it’s such double standards.’

On what is different this time around, she said: ‘I have expectations where I had none before. I feel much more psychologically prepared than I was with Marlowe. 

‘It was quite a shock, the reality. I hadn’t given it the thought, I guess you can’t prepare for it. In my mind I imagine it’s going to be the loveliest, but I think I’ve forgotten.’

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