American Lady who claims to be married to Jim Iyke presents wedding certificate as proof, demands a divorce

An American lady, Carllie Taggett, who claims to be married to popular Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, has presented a purported wedding certificate as evidence, insisting that their union is still legally binding under United States law.

In an interview with Legit NG, Carllie she and the actor got married in January 2017 at Delkab County after they met in Norcross, Georgia, in the US in 2016.

She however claimed that the actor has abandoned the marriage, stopped taking her calls and blocked every form of communication with her. She also accused him of “keeping secret families in different parts of the world such as France and Africa.”

Citing abandonment as her reason, Carllie insists on getting a divorce from Jim Iyke, also stating that he must fulfill legal necessities for the divorce process with the attendant spouse benefits thoroughly considered. 

“It has been a pain I bore all these years, I have tried to be reasonable to understand why he abandoned our marriage without a divorce, but he has been evading me, that is why I decided to call his attention, pending when he decides to be reasonable or face the consequences of his actions in marriage court in the US,” she said. 

Taggett said she hopes the actor will “be a man” and initiate a divorce process in the US where they got married, saying that is the only way they can escape the current “mess.” 

“All I have always asked is for Jim Iyke to be a man and come out to give me a divorce so that I can move on with my life because it is impossible to be remarried while my marriage to him is yet to be dissolved through a legal process. “Let me reiterate the point that no one is against him, I just want him to voluntarily come to divorce proceedings or he can take the initiative of coming out for us to settle outside of divorce court if he is serious about it. I don’t think I am asking for too much. All he needs to do is re-establish communication with me because he knows how to reach me, it is that simple,” she said.

Jim Iyke has been married once, to his Long-time girlfriend Dana Kinduryte but unfortunately suffered a failed marriage, after she bore him a son.

Ever since then, he has completely shielded every piece of information regarding his wife and children from the public.

However, according to DNB stories Africa, Jim Iyke has three beautiful children.

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