Bauchi Governor Blasts FG over Resuscitate the Economy

The Governor of Bauchi,  Bala Mohammed, has asserted that the Federal Government has lost ideas on how to resuscitate the economy.

The governor stated this at Government House after performing the Eid prayers to mark the Sallah celebration yesterday. He blasted the Federal Government for shifting blames rather than addressing socio-economic challenges facing Nigerians, including corruption.

According to him, “I think the Federal Government has lost any idea to grow the economy. What they are best known for is the blame game. They are not even fighting the corruption they claimed to be fighting. There are sacred cows and small gods who cannot be touched in Buhari’s government but if you are not fair and equitable in your government, If there is nepotism where only one section is giving positions in your government, then there will be problems. 

“There is an iota of truth in what the Southern Governors said on some sections being highly favoured at the detriment of others. What we know in this country as a Federalist is that there should always be a balance. If you don’t practice fairness at the top , then you cannot get it at the lower level. Unless we show fairness and equity we cannot grow the economy .”

Meanwhile, Mohammed has also warned that those calling for secession should desist, warning that any attempt to split the country will lead to unimaginable monumental humanitarian crisis.

“We should restrain in our own responses, in our own utterances because this country is so united and interwoven and if there is any breakage here and there as being mooted by some people , a monumental humanitarian crisis will occur because I can imagine how it will be. We should be careful,” he stated.

“As a nation we need to reflect deeply on our common existence as a nation as we are challenged by so many aspects of misdemeanors, crimes and criminality”

Mohammed has lamented that most of the criminal activities of recent were being perpetuated by Muslims.

“As a Muslim most of it is coming from us as members of the Islamic faith. The issue of kidnapping and banditry and the rest is coming from us as members of the Islamic faith- the issue of banditry, kidnapping and the rest,” he said.

“I am very courageous to say it. It is not something that is acceptable to Islam. That is something that is very incongruous to the values of Islam and we should fear God to make sure we don’t give ourselves and our religion a bad name. We have to change,” he said.

He noted that the insecurity in the north is now escalating to other parts of the country, and called for decisive steps to be taken to tackle it once and for all.

“I call on the federal government to do what it can do but certainly it is not just the federal government responsibility. It is also the responsibility of the states and the local governments, our traditional institutions, our religious leaders, stakeholders, we are all policemen today,” he said.

“We know these bandits, we know where they stay what they stay and what they do. Sometimes we aid and abet them; we should fish them out because the police are outnumbered. They are already overwhelmed. I am calling on the federal government to work with us as state governors and local governments because that is where the solution to the problem is. The major security architecture of the federal government has failed not because of any compromise but because the situation is overwhelming”

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