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BBNaija6: Housemates Maria & Queen clash over Pere

The past few days has seen multiple gbas gbos sessions among the housemates. The most recent clash happens to be between Maria and one of the new housemates, Queen who has wasted no time in getting into her first dramatic episode in the house.

The argument started after Maria made a snide comment about Queen being in the house for two days and claiming to know Pere enough to comment about his personality. 

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Queen confronted Maria, expressing her displeasure about the way she talked to her. Queen told Maria, “I have two things bothering me. One is with you and the other is with the rest of the housemates.

While they were introducing Pere and someone said he was strategic, I was like ‘It’s true, it’s true’ but you said, ‘This one is saying ‘true” and you made it look like I didn’t know Pere.”

In response, Maria explained, “I said it’s only two days and you’re acting like you already know Pere. And I’m not having a conversation with you.” Then Maria walked away.

Queen then raised her voice, “Let me tell you something, Maria, it doesn’t take too long to know people in here. You have no right to say that. Look at how she was stretching her hand at me. What’s that for? It does not take too long to know people. It doesn’t take even a day.”

As she talked, Maria answered back and insisted that Queen should respect her if she wants them to have a conversation.

As they both exchanged words, the Head of House, Pere, came to meet the two of them and tried to know what was going on, which seemed futile so he and the rest of the housemates tried to calm them down.

Queen had earlier declared that Pere is her ideal man. Speaking to Pere, Yousef, and Boma on Tuesday, Queen said  “Pere is the kind of guy I like. He’s broad and he’s tall. I am petite so I like big guys so that they can cuddle me.”

Boma teased her and asked if she’d have married Pere but she said no, she would have just been really close to him. As she made this confession, Pere quietly gazed at her and she blushed while speaking.

Trying to change the topic, she said, “I’m just here to have fun in Big Brother’s house. I’m here to catch ‘cruise’.”

Then Pere said, “That’s how you guys will say you’re here to catch ‘cruise’ but you’ll end up catching feelings”.

Queen still insisted that she’s in the house to ‘catch cruise’, secure the money and have fun while at it.

“What if love comes to catch you while you’re having fun?” Pere asked.

Queen answered, “I’ll wait till when we leave Buggy’s house because some people can be very fake. I’m a very transparent person. If I fall in love now, you people will get tired of me in this house because every time, I’ll be with that guy and I get jealous easily.”

Nonetheless, following the clash between Maria and Queen, fans and viewers have speculated that Maria is probably jealous of Queen who is trying to get close to Pere, after she (Maria) already turned down his proposal.

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